CONSULTANT Vedic Astrology

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As from 1st February 2021 the DUC-registration form will be passed on to our affiliated educational institute Blue Star Academie ( Confirmation and invoicing of this registration will be done by our tutor Ass. Prof. Narada Kush (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Via Narada Kush you will receive further information about the tutoring of the studyprogram.


The Veda’s are the unique heritage of the ancient tradition of Indian wisdom. They do not only contain all knowledge of existence and evolution, but they also offer many practical applications, including the original approach of Vedic Astrology. In this Vocational Training of Vedic Astrology we are taught both spiritual and practical skills in order to function as a consultant in this fascinating field. We will learn with that part of the Indian Astrology that involves analysis and prediction based on the Vedic birthchart. This implies that we will be learning extensively about the characteristics of the planets, zodiacal signs and houses and the varied effects that their interactions have on our lifes.

Target Group

The training Consultant Vedic Astrology is meant for students who want to to guide men spiritually, formulate their destination and give advice on their path of life and in work.

Study Goals

Vedic Astrology or 'Jyotish' has been emerged from the primordial principle that all natural phenomena in time and space occur with great precision in such a way that these cycles can be perfectly calculated and the effects of any interactions can be analysed and predicted.
The main purpose of the Training is to guide the student in analyzing the Vedic birthchart and to relate this knowledge to the belonging periods of peoples lifes. Vedic Astrology gives tremendous insight to a client as a life agenda, showing the life path clearly and as a spiritual guide. Moreover, Vedic Astrology provides a number of natural remedies to balance or neutralize any planetairy effect which causes an obstacle in life.

After enrolment an extensive Studyguide (pdf) will be sent by mail.

The subject-matter of teaching is offered and explained step by step in 22 modules (lessons) in a very systematical way. Every module consists of a number of sheets together with questions and assignments. The student is asked to send the answers of the questions and assignments back to the tutor who will give his comments and discusses the subject-matter with the student. If necessary the tutor’s review can take place by skype and after this a new module will be offered to the student.

After the successful study of the 22 modules of the Vocational Training for each module 50 sbu points will be awarded = 1100 sbu points totally = 39,29 ects. After the successful completing of the Vocational Training the DUC Educational Centre facilitates the student with a DUC-Master diploma CVA (SNRO/HBO-conform) Consultant Vedic Astrology.

n.b. writing a thesis is cancelled!


Kush Visser MA Law, Assistent Professor and Fellow of DUC Educational Centre/Dutch University College.

Prof. Kush Visser is a teacher, vedic astrologer, writer, ayurvedic consultant, musician and spiritual coach. He is an internationally recognized expert in several facets of the ancient Indian culture and tradition of wisdom such as Vedanta, Upanishads, Ayurveda, Yoga therapy & Meditation, Vedic Literature (Ramayana & Mahabharata), Vedic Music and Vedic Architecture. He is the author of several books on these topics. He also teaches at universities abroad and is a respected teacher at the DUC Educational Centre/Dutch University College. Since 2008 he is Fellow of our educational institute.


Assoc. Prof. William Dubbeling MA, PhD.

Costs: Euro 2100,= for the entire course (including guidance, written work- and thesis assessment, DUC-diploma; excl. study books). Payment in five instalments.

*Dependent on the economical standard of the country a reduction will be granted


Individual Price € 2,100.00
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