Institute for (post)-Graduate Education

Study Programs

DUC English study programs are based on four pillars, being part of four faculties:

Faculty Development Studies, Faculty Social Sciences, Faculty Cultural & Religious Studies, Faculty Health Sciences

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Distance Education:
opportunity for deepening of knowledge in the fields of philosophy, psychology and religion, and also for further professionalism.

focused on practice, emphasis on further development of competencies and the link with vocational practice.

Training Courses:
developing of competences and skills for candidate-professionals, teachers, coaches and consultants in the psycho-social, spiritual and mental health care.

Masterclasses:based on Vedic Sciences, as an upgrading of earlier studies                                                                                                                                      

All programs are characterized by quality, draught and all-roundness. The most important target is to impart participants to insights and skills which can be implemented in daily life, in the professional field or in society.

DUC Educational Centre/Dutch University College emphasizes on freedom of thought and personal development.

Dutch students who enrol for the English study programs 'Vedic Sciences' are referred to the webpage 'Algemene Informatie': for the DUC Algemene Voorwaarden, DUC Klachtenreglement, DUC Privacyreglement, DUC Examenreglement.

Enrolmentforms from foreign students for the 'Vedic Sciences' study programs are passed on to DUC Educational Centre and to our partners Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation (HAMF) - Budapest and Blue Star Academy- Budapest for settlement and guidance in accordance with the prevailing general conditions and complaint regulations**. In consultation with our Hungarian partners the study fees are fixed, dependent on the economical standard of the country (Robin Hood-principle).


Trainings (post)-Graduate:

Recognized by Healthcare Association and Federation (NFG)

DUC-Distance Education (Modular Study Programs):

* DUC Certificates and Diploma’s recognized and accredited by SNRO (SNRO SA.

* DUC is a member of the European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

** Application for Admission

Enrolling at DUC Educational Centre is an important decision. Consider the advantages of a distance learning centre and how we can effectively help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. A distance learning centre is the best option for those adults and professionals who choose not to attend a formal campus-based educational centre (without walls). Every adult student's situation and profile is different, and we like to handle cases individually. Contact us to get questions answered directly. Then, you will be ready to apply for admission at DUC. Fill out and submit the Enrolmentform, accompanied with a detailed curriculum vitae or resume, and any relevant additional documents. Credits for prior learning and experience may be granted.

Enrolment is complete after:

  • confirmation of your participation;
  • receipt of our invoice; payment in instalments is possible.
  • payment 6 weeks at the latest before beginning of the study program/training on IBAN NL37 INGB 0004 4885 14 to the name of DUC Educational Centre.
  • fees include: program of study, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript.

Cancellation: In case of cancellation within the specified time of payment € 50,= will be charged for administration and organization expenses.

Refund Policy

DUC Educational Centre provides a very much beneficial refund policy for the student: 100% tuition refund within 15 days from the program start; 80% tuition refund within 90 days; 50% tuition refund within a whole year from the program start.

Starting the program of study

Answering questions and writing reports is key to DUC Educational Centre, as often is the case in professional life. The program requirements primarily consist of studying all the textbooks assigned and writing reports on these readings, according to the guidelines described by the DUC-tutors. Once you have received all the instructions, program guidelines, textbooks, and other study material, it will be up to you how to organize your time to complete the assignments in order to obtain your degree.

Student Rights

Privacy & Data Protection

According to the European Data Protection Law, contacting any of our DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star) offices via phone, email, address, skype, does authorize DUC-HAMF for the use of any data that you provide. Your data may only be used by DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star) for the purposes of providing the information requested, updating you with relevant information concerning DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star), and managing your interaction with our institute. Your data may not be transferred to any third party, and is kept under custody following strict security protocols that ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Conflict Resolution

Any concerns about DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star) which have not been satisfactorily answered or resolved by our office should be adressed to the Board of Advisors. The purpose of the conflict resolution policy is to protect the integrity of DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star) decision-making process, to enable our students to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the expectations and reputation of anyone involved in our organization.


The student has the right to cancel registration at DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star) Educational Centre and receive the corresponding refund according to the refund policy. Cancellation is effective on the date a written notice of the cancellation is mailed. DUC-(HAMF/Blue Star) shall make the refund within 30 days of cancellation notice was effectively received. The cancellation notice must be sent in writing by mail or email dated, and signed, adressed to the director/dean of DUC.

The cancellation of your program of study may occur if you fail to submit payments as per the agreed payment plan option, and/or failure to submit assgnments for one year.

At DUC Educational Centre (HAMF/Blue Star) we do not want you to simply enroll but to graduate, to earn your deserved distance learning degree program, and to achieve your goals.